Fixed ground structures: TATF1



Made with round poles (ø 108 and ø 88) in hot-dip galvanized iron beaten in the ground, with various lengths, depending on the morphological composition of the soil.

The part of the structure directly intended to support the modules is composed of aluminium bars TA10010-11-12-15 and TA10030-32-34; for the panel locking, stainless steel or aluminium brackets TA30010-13-14-15-30-31-36-37 are used.

The activities for the realization of the plant include: the staking of the field, the beating of the poles, the assembly of the structure and finally the laying of the modules.

There is a wide range of types that can satisfy any type of request. The service that is provided accompanies the customer since the implementation of the electrical project, also through geological analysis on site, penetrometer tests and tensile tests, we identify the most suitable structure based on the characteristics of the place.

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