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Powder coating plant with monorail chain, complete with 594 hanging points (hanging bars) designed to hook up the raw parts to be painted with epoxy-polyester or polyester powders.

After the operation of attaching the manufactured articles to the sling bars, we move on to the washing phases, with the following frequency:

  • Phase 1: Washing degreasing
  • Phase 2: washing phosphodegreasing
  • Phase 3: washing demi water

Once the washing phases have been completed, the products are dried by passing through the drying oven at a temperature of 150°. Once the drying process has been completed, the machine moves on to the powder coating phase with the aid of electronically controlled reciprocators.

The powder coating is carried out in the new generation booth, called self-cleaning, made of synthetic material and combined with the system called "trolley", able to perform a perfect cleaning independently. Alternatively, the plant is provided with a cabin similar to the previous one, but managed by hand; it is mainly used for samples or small lots.

The powder coating cycle ends with the passage of the products in the oven, which consists of passing the products in the oven saturated with hot air at high temperature - about 190 ° - to allow the polymerization of the powder on the product, once the products come out of the baking oven is performed the release, packaging and identification of the products.

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  • Dettagli dell'impianto per la verniciatura a polvere
    Details of the powder coating plant
    Dettagli dell'impianto per la verniciatura a polvere

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